The Mathis Family Crest Martin's Personal Profile Page

  • Last Name: Mathis
  • First Name: Martin
  • Middle Name: Urs
  • Born: 1965 in Brugg, Switzerland
  • Zodiac: Aquarius
  • Natural Hair: Dark Brown
  • Preferred Hair: Jet Raven Black
  • Eyes: Hazel
  • Height: 172 cm (5'8")
  • Weight: 70 kg (155 lbs)
  • Blood Type: A Rh+
  • Nationality: Swiss
  • Parents: Urs Mathis & Lotti Rohr
Late 1980s
  • Primary Language: Swiss German
  • Secondary Languages: German, English
  • Languages Once Proficient In: French, Latin
  • Language I'd Like To Learn: Spanish
  • Computer Languages: SAS, UNIX shell scripting, HTML, Paradox/ObjectPal, PERL, JCL, PL/I, BASIC flavors
  • Computer Languages I'd Like To Learn: C/C++, Java
  • Brothers: None
  • Sisters: None
  • Marital Status: Divorced
  • Children: None - Ever
  • Pets: Jasper The Cat
  • Tattoos: None
  • Piercings: Just My Ears
  • Occupation: Senior Computer Programmer/Analyst
  • Past Real Jobs: SAS Consultant, Lead Programmer, SAS Consultant, MICS and RACF Administrator, PL/I Programmer
  • Past Temp Jobs: Supermarket Cashier & Clerk, Electronic Components Quality Tester, Office Assistant For Flower Import Business
  • Education: Matura Type B, Electrical Engineering (not completed)
  • Hobbies: Punk & Rock Music, Computers, Travel, Photography, Books, Movies
  • Past Hobbies: Lego, Collecting Postal Stamps, Model Train Kit, Writing Horror Stories, Remote-Controlled Model Gliders, Skiing, Electronics, CB Radio, Rocketry, Home Beer Brewing
  • Items Collected: Records, Pins, Zippos, Baseball Hats, T-Shirts, US License Plates, Movie And Concert Ticket Stubs
  • Instruments Played: None Except 'Mandatory' Flute As A Kid
  • Instruments I Now Wish I Would Have Learned: Guitar, Drums
  • Pet Peeves: SUVs And Other Oversized Gaz Guzzlers And Most Of Their Drivers (as well as moronic ignorant drivers in general), "Local News" TV Fluff, Moral Advocates And Religious Fanatics, Bogus Million Dollar Liability Lawsuits
  • Grown Up In: Zürich, Switzerland
  • Current Whereabouts: Arizona, United States Of America

My first car, a 1978 Mustang Ghia 2.8L
The end of my first ever car
Swiss Army Cpl. Mathis dog tag
Swiss Army dog tag
Famous 'Mutzli' teddy bear
Famous "Mutzli"

  • Food That Makes Me Gag: Sauerkraut, Red Beets, Tripe, Fennel
  • Fave Food: Venison & Swiss Dumplings, Pizza, Raclette, Fajitas
  • Fave Fruit: Apricot
  • Fave Ice Cream: Pistacchio, Coconut
  • Fave Dessert: Vermicelles
  • Fave Non-Alcoholic Beverage: Diet Cherry Coke, Coffee
  • Fave Drink: Caipirinha (Cachaça), Beer
  • Fave Bands: Dogs D'Amour, The Angels, Sweet, Beat Angels, Too Many To List
  • Fave Cars: Alfa Romeo, Ford Mustang
  • Fave Cities: London, Sydney, Toronto
  • Fave Arcade Game: Pinball
  • Fave Computer Games: Pinball, Sims à la Railroad Tycoon & Civilization, RPGs
  • Fave Movies: The Great Escape, The Omen, My Cousin Vinny, Barfly, WWII Genre
  • Fave TV Series: Law & Order, Twin Peaks, The Simpsons, The Professionals, Homicide, Charlie's Angels
  • Fave Actors: Robert De Niro, Sean Connery, Susan Sarandon, Jaclyn Smith
  • Fave Directors: John Waters, David Lynch, Alfred Hitchcock
  • Fave Authors: Charles Bukowski, Raymond Chandler, Douglas Adams
  • Fave Cartoons & Comics: Dilbert, Isnogud, Pepe Le Pew
  • Fave Color: Black
  • Fave Sport: Soccer
  • Fave Sports Team: FCZ (Soccer Club Zurich)
  • Fave Sports Events: World Cup Soccer, Ski World Cup Men's Downhill

Flag of the Swiss town of Windisch, Aargau

Town of Windisch flag

Flag of the Swiss canton of Aargau

Canton of Aargau flag


  • Places Traveled:
    • Amsterdam, Netherlands (1989, weekend trip)
    • Anchorage, Alaska, USA (1997, 1 week, with Sandi)
    • Arles (Camargue), France (1983, school excursion)
    • Australia (1998, 4 weeks, Sydney, Canberra, Ayers Rock, Cairns, Brisbane)
    • Belize, Central America (1993, 5 days, with Sandi)
    • Berlin, Germany (1989, weekend trip, visit acquaintances)
    • Brighton, England (1995, business trip)
    • Brussels, Belgium (1992, day trip with group from work)
    • Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (1992, 4 days, with Sandi, Tecate contest grand prize)
    • Cologne, Germany (19??, day trip for computer expo)
    • Copenhagen, Denmark (1990, weekend trip)
    • Genoa, Italy (1990, weekend trip)
    • Hamburg, Germany (1991, business conference)
    • Helsinki, Finland (1992, weekend trip, party boat from Stockholm)
    • London, England (1983, 1984, 1986, 3x1989, 2x1990, 1992, 1995, 1999, vacation, visits, shopping, concerts, business)
    • Ljubljana, Yugoslavia (vacation with parents, early teens)
    • Marbella, Spain (199?, weekend trip)
    • Munich, Germany (1990, 2000, business conference, sidetrip from Switzerland)
    • Niagara Falls (2000, sidetrip from Toronto, with Sandi)
    • Paris, France (1992, 2 days, with Sandi)
    • Pesaro, Italy (vacation with parents, early teens)
    • Postonja, Yugoslavia (vacation with parents, early teens)
    • Rhodes, Greece (vacation with parents, early teens)
    • Seattle, Washington, USA (1997, weekend trip, with Sandi)
    • Stockholm, Sweden (1992, weekend trip, party boat to Helsinki)
    • Sydney, Australia (1998, The Angels live 6 nights in a row)
    • Toronto, Canada (2000, weeklong trip with Sandi)
    • USA (31 visits from 1985-1993, various domestic trips 1993-present)
    • Venice, Italy (vacation with parents, early teens)
    • Vienna, Austria (1989, weekend trip)
    • Zurich, Switzerland (1993, 1994, 1996, 1999, visits back home)
  • Wish Destinations: Iceland, Ireland, Scotland, Moscow, Hawaii
  • Number Of Flights Across Atlantic (either way): 73
  • Number Of Flights Across Pacific (either way): 4
  • First Computer: Commodore VIC-20
  • Other Computers Owned: Commodore C-64, Amiga 1000, Amiga 2000, 486DX/33, Micron Millennia P120 PCI, Dell Dimension XPS D266, Dell Dimension XPS B1000r
  • Claims To Fame:
    • 1981: DJ For An Hour On "Radio Rediffusion" In Switzerland
    • 1983: Guest On British "Sky Channel" TV With VJ Pat Sharp
    • 1986: Computer Game Published In COMPUTE!'s First Book Of Amiga
    • 1995: Route 66 Essay Published In A Route 66 Association Newsletter
    • 1996: TV Interview Appearances In Route 66 Features On TLC And PBS
    • 1998: Thank You Credit On The Angels' Skin & Bone Album
    • 1998: Hired To Design Jeff Dahl's Official Web Site
    • 1999: Quote Printed In A Shock Records Promo Package For The Angels

With Pat Sharp from Sky Channel, London, 1983
With VJ Pat Sharp on Sky Channel, London, 1983

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