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In the past I had great opportunities to travel thanks to airline benefits and an obsession with visiting and traveling the USA. According to my travel log I have flown across the Atlantic seventy-three times since 1985. These days with employment in a different industry and marriage I regrettably don't get to travel that extensively anymore but I can always be had for a road trip along Route 66. Other places and destinations I like are expressed via a section of links to respective sites.

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Travel Links:

  • ADOT Trailmaster Phoenix Highway Cams
    Thanks to the Arizona Department Of Transportation you can check on Phoenix highway traffic via nifty live cameras or RealVideo live video feed. With all that cool technology maybe one day we will get a usable public transportation system too...
  • Alaska Internet Travel Guide
    We loved what we saw of Alaska, so here's a link to a travel resource.
  • Australia Travel Guide
    Travel Australia seems like a good starting point for Australian travel info.
  • Belize Online
    Official Belize tourist info and links. A country we loved visiting in 1993.
  • CityBlick Zürich
    Great resource about the city of Zürich, Switzerland including street address search engine. Formerly known as ZHOL (Zürich Online).
  • Foreign Exchange Rates: Interactive Currency Table
    Unfortunately, Kurt Swanson's currency converter has seized to exist and my PERL script that hooked into it has been rendered useless. The above link is Kurt's suggested alternative.
  • Foreign Languages For Travelers
    Learn useful phrases and terms in 30 different languages. Ideal for travelers. Select a language you know and the language you want to learn.
  • Kings River Golf Course, Shell Knob, Missouri
    A 18-hole, par 70 golf course near Table Rock Lake, Missouri, in the Ozark Mountains. Run by my sister-in-law Mickie Phelan and her husband Mike and son Ryan.
  • MapQuest
    Search and browse the world down to a street map level. Search the USA for businesses etc. This must be one of the most amazing sites I have encoutered so far.
  • Route 66 Links
    I've moved all Route 66 links to a seperate section on my Route 66 Photo Gallery page
  • Saffron Walden, England
    A quaint English town north of London and south of Cambridge that we visited in January 1999 while meeting up with 'Rie Gordon, an e-mail pal with similar musical tastes to mine.
  • Subway Navigator
    Find your way around the subways of major cities around the world
  • Swiss Federal Railways
    Home page of the "SBB CFF FFS", timetables, pix, info etc.
  • Switzerland
    Geographical and thematic index of resources about Switzerland. Nice gateway to all things Swiss.
  • Travelocity
    Great resource for world-wide travel info, flights, hotels, rental cars, maps, guides and more.
  • US States Official Home Pages
    Choose a US state below and click GO to see its official home page (your selection will result in a Web site URL like "http://www.state.[STATE].us/". Every state's supposed to have one).
  • Zürich 5-Day Weather Forecast
    Five day weather forecast for Zürich, Switzerland courtesy of USA Today (includes Fahrenheit and Celsius temperatures).

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