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Welcome to this illustrated and personal corner of my site. Stroll through the Mathis photo gallery and see Martin at various random points in life as well as his parents, relatives and wife. If you're interested in genealogy and for the sake of a longer page intro, myself and my strain of Mathis hail from Switzerland, specifically the town of Endingen, Aargau, our name's "place of origin" although is said to have initially come from Austria. I'm also a citizen of Zurich, Switzerland. Don't know if that helps. Some more info resides on the Personal Profile Page.


Dad and I    Christmas 1971 #1    Christmas 1971 #2
Dad in Swiss Army uniform and me sometime after 1965 / Me on Christmas 1971

Ski instructor and I        Mutzli the teddy bear
First ski lesson (I am on the right) / "Mutzli", favorite teddy bear, same age as I

My room with Sweet poster      My room with Status Quo posters
13th birthday - notice Sweet poster over my head! / Observe Status Quo and FCZ fan wall...

Cousins Beat and Sandra 1975   Cousin Beat 1994   Cousin Andi 1994   Cousin Sarah 1994
My cousins Beat and Sandra in 1975 / Cousin Beat '94 / Cousin Andi '94 / Cousin Sarah '94

Remote controlled model glider and I    Impersonating Gene Simmons in 1980    Parents and I 1994
Me and early hobby ca. 1980 / Martin "Gene" Mathis in 1980 / Family Mathis in 1994

My Bachelor Party #1    My Bachelor Party #2
Excerpts from the bachelor party incident of 1992...

Sandi and my parents 1995 Wife and I 1991 Sandi and her parents 1995
Wife Sandi and my Parents '95 / Sandi and I in 1991 / Parents-In-Law and Wife Sandi '95

Cousin Heinz and family 1996   Cousin Urs and family 1996   Cousins Beat and Sandra 1996
Second cousins Heinz and Urs and their families '96 / Cousins Beat and Sandra '96

Aunt Dorli   Uncle Christian   Godmother Heidi and Uncle Ernst   Godfather Willi   Aunt Elisabeth
Aunt Dorli & Uncle Christian, Uncle Ernst & Gotte Heidi, Götti Willi, Aunt Elisabeth in 1996

Grandparents Mimi and Ernst, R.I.P.      Mimi und Grossvatti      Grandparents Willi and Gertrud, R.I.P.
R.I.P. Mimi & Ernst Rohr / Mimi & Grossväde in '85 / R.I.P. Willi & Gertrud Mathis

Skydiving #1           Skydiving #2           Skydiving #3
Nov 1996: Desert Skydiving Center, Buckeye, Arizona. Static line jump from 3500 ft.

1976/77 Alfetta 2000 GTV   1992 Spider Veloce
Alfa Romeo: Parents' family car circa 1976 and the fun 92 Spider Veloce I had in 1999

More photos of yours truly reside in my Photo Portfolio for movie extra work!
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