The PhantomWasty's Horror Stories

These volumes of "Alfred Hitchock Presents"-inspired ghost writer horror stories I wrote when I was in my younger to mid teens. They were written in my native language German and combined the essay style tought in school with the imagination of a teenager inspired the horror short stories he was fond of reading. The whole idea started together with my buddy Gregory Zimmermann who wrote his own stories under the pseudonym "Whiskey" (I chose the name "Wasty" as a y-ending twist on the Sherlock Holmes character Dr. Watson, go figure). Together we were "Whiskey and Wasty" and I think we made our parents wonder a few times when we proudly had them read our latest fiction. Barely knowledgable in the English language (though it helped that Greg's Mom is British) we even made up our own publishing company in the USA with distribution worldwide, like New York, London, Zurich, and pretended that our stories were translated from American originals that appeared in publications such as Ellery Queen's Mystery Magazine. We took great pride in surrounding our stories with references to original sources and imitated indexes, pre- and postfaces and drew our own cover art, as well. We always included the number of lines and the estimated reading time. There exists only one hand-written copy of each book and the manuscripts are gone. So I decided to preserve the Wasty books electronically and provide an English translation more proficient than possible at the time but still naive in its own way. The idea of these pages is not to make a claim to good story writing but to preserve the perception and spirit of the time, even if it's just for a good laugh now. No attempt has been made to correct the syntax or improve the style of years past but for the first time in 15 years there finally exist the "original" English stories for which we could only come up with clumsy titles back then.

Original German Volumes

Translated English Volumes

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