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I've had a fascination with pinball machines since I was a kid. Even when video arcades came along I still considered pinball to be more fun (although at that time I started getting heavily into home computer games too). I could probably afford a real pinball machine by now but just don't have the space to put it. So instead I collect and play computer pinball games. This section of my site is about them.

Williams A-Go-Go This page contains my top four highscores and game stats achieved with StarPlay Productions' Crystal Caliburn and Loony Labyrinth for Windows Pinball. Both simulations allow the player to save the top four scores to a file using an authentication feature and compete for t-shirts and honor in a monthly and annual contest sponsored by the company. Also game stats and scores can be recorded in a log file which I've disected to create additional stats. Then there are my personal reviews of many of the pinball computer games and you can explore other sites about both computer pinball and the real thing in the pinball links section.


Main Features

My Loony Labyrinth High Score and Stats Page
Loony Labyrinth Scores And Stats
My personal reviews of PC pinball simulations
Pinball Simulation Software Reviews
My Crystal Caliburn High Score and Stats Page
Crystal Caliburn Scores And Stats

Pinball Links

Elvira pinball machine

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