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My Loony Labyrinth For Windows High Scores And Game Stats

My Loony Labyrinth High Score Display

 High Score 1High Score 2High Score 3High Score 4
Score 2,451,513,210 2,122,680,620 2,086,969,260 1,851,568,120
The Age2000 BC.2000 BC.2000 BC.103 AD.
Achieved OnAug 24, 1996Oct 03, 1996Apr 04, 1997Jul 11, 1996

I qualified for and received the 1'000'000'000 t-shirt (pictured below) in the first month I played the game and entered the contest. Though the highest t-shirt to be won, I am far from having the really high scores (especially in comparison to the Mac players), particularily the time travel scores...

Loony Labyrinth 1000M High Score T-Shirt
1 Billion T-Shirt Design

The following stats were generated with a SAS program analyzing the score log:

Overall Stats
Games Played343 since 25-MAY-96
Highest Point Score 2,451,513,210 by MARTIN
Highest Time Travel Score103 AD. by MARTIN
Average Point Score 232,961,036
Minimum Point Score 1,972,260
Times Time Travelled44
Times Reached 1 Billion14
Times Made Top Four30

Points and times not correlated
Top Ten Scores
Point ScoreTime Score
1st 2,451,513,210103 AD.1st
2nd 2,122,680,62025 AD.2nd
3rd 2,086,969,2602000 BC.3rd
4th 1,851,568,1202000 BC.4th
5th 1,411,688,8202000 BC.5th
6th 1,411,131,0602000 BC.6th
7th 1,272,812,0202000 BC.7th
8th 1,233,211,6902000 BC.8th
9th 1,203,210,4402000 BC.9th
10th 1,167,755,5902000 BC.10th

Detail Stats
Loony Ramp5.544401,899
Labyrinth Ramp16.0012805,488
Stone Ramp26.1916638,984
Pitfall Lane5.243601,798
Loony Multi0.7380251
Labyrinth Multi0.9690330
Minotaur Multi1.39110477
Jackpot Multi3.153301,079
Rescue The Ball0.6380215
Extra Ball0.7640262


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