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My Crystal Caliburn For Windows High Scores And Game Stats

My Crystal Caliburn High Score Display

 High Score 1High Score 2High Score 3High Score 4
Holy Grail3322
Glass Island71586137
Camelot Castle13813810480
Dragon Cave48465830
Extra Ball121084
Multi Battle716146
Achieved OnSep 16, 1995Oct 31, 1995Jan 01, 1995Apr 28, 1995

I qualified for and received the 250'000'000 and the 500'000'000 t-shirts (pictured below). In the final 1995 contest standings I was 26th among all Windows and Mac gamers :)

Crystal Caliburn 250M High Score T-Shirt Crystal Caliburn 500M High Score T-Shirt
250M T-Shirt Design / 500M T-Shirt Design

These stats were generated with a Quattro Pro spread sheet analyzing the score log:

Overall Stats
Games Played1,064 since 9-Nov-94
Highest Score634,195,280 by MARTIN
Average Score47,415,586
Minimum Score126,690

More Top Scores
Top 2-5. Scores499,137,300491,502,710488,371,450483,681,620
Top 6-9. Scores466,128,590457,517,280446,500,160444,900,640

Detail Stats
As of 03-Apr-97AverageMaxMinSum
Holy Grail0.1330141
Glass Island11.4971012,224
Camelot Castle22.64138324,089
Dragon Cave7.175807,624
Extra Ball0.86120917
Multi Battle2.241602,387

Game Tips And Strategies

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