Wasty: Dirty Deeds For Clean Gents

Wasty Presents:

Dirty Deeds For Clean Gents

Copyright © by Horror-Publication W+W, 1980, New York South, USA
ISBN 95-519/GK239-FS 0152   No. 6023
Publisher Number 44628/0
All rights reserved
Publisher: Wasty's Agency, 211 Rose Avenue, 1022 New York South
Cover: Wasty
1. Printing, 1980, Reprinting prohibited
German Title: Wasty's Gruselkabinett 1
Idea, Contents, Cover, Layout and Printing: Wasty

Any kind of unauthorized use such as copying, public broadcast and
distribution as well as use as the base for own stories are
prohibited and punishable by law.

All stories are fictional. Any similarity in title, plot or name
with other stories or people, living or dead, are unintended and
purely coincidental.

Horror-Publication W+W, 1022 New York South, USA
Horror-Verlage Wasty, 8037 Zurich Nord, CH

All rights by Wasty. Produced by Wasty 1980





  • The Grillparty, from "Crime Magazine" by Wasty, July 1980, copyright © by Wasty
  • On The Gallows, from "Horror Stories From England" by Wasty, June 1979, London
  • On The Way Home, from "The Sweet Bedtime Book" by Wasty, September 1979, New York
  • Anguish, from "Bad Compositions" by Wasty and F. Fisher, August 1979
  • The Magic Rope, first edition, by Wasty, April 1980, copyright © by Wasty
  • I'm Not The Murderer, reprinted with permission from Wasty, July 1980, by Wasty/HP
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