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    BEAT ANGELS: Brian Smith, Michael Brooks, Keith Jackson, Kevin Pate, AD

Star "With bigger melodic hooks than most underground or commercial pop groups, and guitars louder than those of many punk bands, it's impossible not to be seduced by these underappreciated rockers."
Hit List Magazine
Star "...Beat Angels are one of the greatest rock & roll bands in the world today"...
Album Network
Star "Awesome, all crude gestures and mannerism. They are rock n roll and were just what the doctor ordered after so much non-genital pop. They were what I expect candy would have sounded like 15 years ago"...
Bucketfull Of Brains, England
Star "...The New York Dolls-meet-Cheap Trick assault of Arizona's Beat Angels who also happen to be one of the most hell-raising live acts you'll ever see..."
LA Weekly
Star "Awesome poppy trash-rock, sort of T.Rex meets Cheap Trick"...
Seattle Weekly
Star "(Beat Angels) are worth raising a glass of cheap red wine to"...
Kerrang!, England
Star "Beat Angels' songs are pure hits, each and every one of them"...
Sound Affects, Sweden
Star "Unhappy Hour is the best thing i've heard in ten years... They are the new darlings of the underground"...
Scream Magazine, Japan
Star "...[Beat Angels] are quite probably the best band on earth at the moment, bar none!"...
Leather Boyz, Italy
Star "A staggeringly-electrifying live band with giant hooks, big guitars, brilliant lyrics and enough charisma to raise the corpse of Brian Jones"...
Fizz Magazine
Star "It's got cigarettes, whiskey and wild women tattooed all over it"...
Phoenix New Times
Star "Sweet and melodic, but sharp and crunchy, like a Twix bar filled with glass shards"...
POPsided, Portland, OR
Star "...Beat Angels (at the 1997 SXSW) drew a standing room-only crowd... leaving a long line outside the door. They waited in vain; no one was leaving this band"...
New Times Weekly, Syracuse, NY
Star "...Beat Angels, simply put, make 99% of contemporary powerpop bands sound thin and listless"...
Goldmine, USA
Star "...I'm more and more convinced that they will be the BIG thing. It's a crime of the century if they don't make it big time"...
Katz Volume, Finland

Last call December 7, 2001. All materials and content © 2001 by Beat Angels.