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    BEAT ANGELS: Brian Smith, Michael Brooks, Keith Jackson, Kevin Pate, AD


o The Boys
Johnny Ramone in Beatle boots and a Pistol-like rhythm section rewriting "I Think We're Alone Now." Watch for the upcoming Boys tribute disc (import only) with our own take of "Terminal Love"
o Bubble
Homepage of Share & Bam's hooky, riff-riddled Bubble
o Col. Parker
Gilby Clarke's new band of merry rock & roll antediluvians
o Gilby Clarke
Producer/guitarist who happens to be the sweetest man on earth
o Dahlhaus
Home of our pal Jeff Dahl and the fist-jacking Sonic Iguana Fanzine
o Dictators
Watch for our cover of the 'tators brilliant "Stay With Me" on our next record
o Dragons
Our San Diego drinking buddies
o John Tonic
German cats with a clue
o Peter Perret
The Only Ones comely, glam-meets-Dylan frontman (yes, he penned "Another Girl, Another Planet") who miraculously reemerged after years of death-skirting, junk-rotted poverty
o Slash City Daggers
Spirited bunch with good scarves and better record collections
o Speed Queens
Former BA drummer Frank Hanyak's new whereabouts
o Sugar High
One of our favorite powerpop groups in the world
o Trash Brats
Fuck Kid Rock, here's Detroit's incomparable flag-waver of the rock & roll mythology. God Bless 'em
o Tsar
At the risk of sounding gushy, Tsar is what's great about Redd Kross and the Sweet and the single "Calling All Destroyers" was, hands down, the best 3 minutes in rock & roll all of last year
o Tuuli
Lovely Canadian chicks with huge guitars


o Black Velvet
Long-in-tooth rock & roll 'zine that runs the indie godhead to dodgy metal gamut
o Pop Matters
Ambitious, slightly MORish e-'zine of global pop culture
o Popsmear Magazine
Dig the archived porn movie reviews by Beat Angels' roadie Art Rambo in this legendary American magazine
o Popstar
Discerning popgeek resource with extensive links to the world's best pop bands, from the bubblegum nihilists to the glit revivalists
o Punk Magazine
The comic-driven magnum opus of NYC rock & roll recently resurrected by publisher John Holmstom. All of Punk's famed back issues ('76-'79) can be found posted here, free o' charge
o Rock And Roll Outbreak
Pat Pelado and Chaz Halo's rock & roll on-line zine that documents with exuberence the path less traveled ...
o Sonic Magazine
Sweden's sole argument in favor of rock 'n' roll journalism


o Not Lame Records
Distinguished for not only upholding the honor of Godhead power pop bands, but also managing to survive into what is now its sixth year. The miracles never cease.
o Pelado Records
Home to lots of worthy, underpaid rockists

Star LIT

o Dorothy Allison
The author of "Bastard Out Of Carolina" and "Trash"
o Dennis Cooper
With '76 punk rock influences intact, Cooper's been called (and we kid you not) the heir to Burroughs and the novelist of the Blank Generation. So don't bother hunting for Cooper in yer school library, kids.
o Harry Crews
Tales like "Feast of Snakes" capture the brutal fun of booze-and-drug-addled life in the trailer park south
o Barry Graham
Our effusive Emerald Lounge drinking buddy that Details magazine accurately described as a "literary find"
o Denis Johnson
Author of the heartbreaking "Angels" and "Jesus' Son"
o JT LeRoy
Ex-Junkie street rat and son of a prostitue, Leroy at 19 wrote what should be the novel of his generation in "Sarah"
o Literary Kicks
Worthy profiles of the world's incipient rock stars; from the Bohos to the Beats
o Nerve.com
Nerve dot cum
o Jim Thompson
Biggest, best web resource on all things Thompson
o TheWag.net
A magazine for decadent readers


o All Music Guide
Beat Angels profile on AMG
o Brian Brooks' Rock'n'Roll Coloring Books
Whacked comics by Michael's brother that skewer all shapes of pop culture. Everyone from Julia Roberts to Courtney Love is a fan of his work.
o Emerald Lounge
Classic Bukowskian watering hole & venue in downtown Phoenix
o International Pop Overthrow
Annual Los Angeles power pop festival
o MP3.com
Beat Angels MP3 page
o Nita's Hideaway
Tempe, Arizona punk and rock dive
o Phoenix NewTimes
Alternative weekly
o Punk Video Clips
NYC's "Early Years": Good as gold RealPlayer clips of Television/Heartbreakers-era Richard Hell, as well as the New York Dolls, Talking Heads, Patti Smith, Blondie, Ramones, and others in the early to mid '70s
o RollingStone.com
Beat Angels band page
o Ultimate Band List
Beat Angels profile on Artist Direct, formerly UBL
o Yahoo Group
Beat Angels official online community
o ZIA Records
The last real record store

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