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    BEAT ANGELS: Brian Smith, Michael Brooks, Keith Jackson, Kevin Pate, AD


AUGUST 2002: Watch for upcoming late-summer/fall shows in the Mid-West and Phoenix, Arizona.


JANUARY 2002: Beat Angels are to finish songs for the forthcoming record the second week of February 2002. Songs to be recorded are the new live faves "Misery Becomes You," "The Gutter Snobs" plus the acoustic-y "Hey Little One". Watch for some midwestern shows in the near future ...


NOVEMBER 2001: We just completed 3 more tracks at Gilby Clarke's Redrum Studio. They are: "Girl Walking Backwards", "She Shoots Starlight" and "Porn Star Shine", all of which will all be featured on our next record!


NOVEMBER 2001: Boys & girls, check out our brand new listing on mp3.com! Be one of the first to download the awesome new track titled "Liquor Pig Boyfriend".


OCTOBER 2001: The new online 'zine Rock And Roll Outbreak stuck us on the cover page of their current issue. Also in that issue and in separate interviews, both the Trash Brats and Black Halos reference Beat Angels as being one of their favorite American bands. You guys rock!


SEPTEMBER 2001: Look for a winter release of the movie "Hard Luck Girls" which features Beat Angels' songs "Hungover With Jenny" and "Keep It Up.". One scene depicts strippers snorting lines of coke off of a copy of "Unhappy Hour." talk about art imitating life. The band also recorded a version of Ozzy's "Crazy Train" which is included in the film's soundtrack....


AUGUST 2001: The boys just completed two songs - "Liqour Pig Boyfriend" and "Whorehouse Priest" - which are to be included on their forthcoming record tentatively titled "Mad Angels And Amphetamine Girls."


AUGUST 2001: There is a great and lengthy feature on the band in the July/August issue of HIT LIST magazine... Pick it up at finer newstands everywhere.

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