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ARTIST                           SONG                              ALBUM

AC/DC                            Touch Too Much                    Highway to hell
Accept                           Princess Of The Dawn              Restless and wild
Aerosmith                        Dream On                          Aerosmith
Angels                           Face The Day                      Darkroom
Angels                           Fashion And Fame                  Night attack
Angels                           Mr. Damage                        No exit
Angels                           Shadow Boxer                      Face to face
Angels                           Take A Long Line                  Face to face
Aerzte                           Schrei Nach Liebe                 Die Bestie in Menschengestalt
B-52's                           Private Idaho                     Wild planet
Backyard Babies                  Made Me Madman                    Total 13
Backyard Babies                  The Clash                         Making enemies is good
Russ Ballard                     Rene Didn't Do It                 Barnet dogs
Russ Ballard                     Rock + Roll Lover                 Into the fire
Beasts Of Bourbon                Psycho                            The axeman's jazz
Beat Angels                      Hey Little Peep-Show              Red badge of discourage
Beat Angels                      Hungover With Jenny               Unhappy hour
Beat Farmers                     Dark Light                        The pursuit of happiness
Pat Benatar                      Hell Is For Children              Crimes of passion
Plastic Bertrand                 Ca Plane Pour Moi                 Ca plane pour moi
Black Halos                      50 Bourbon St.                    The violent years
Black Halos                      The Worst Things                  Black Halos
Rick Blaze + The Ballbusters     Pretty Messed Up                  Manhattan babylon
Blondie                          Accidents Never Happen            Eat to the beat
Blondie                          Denis                             Plastic letters
Boomtown Rats                    Neon Heart                        Boomtown Rats
Boomtown Rats                    She's So Modern                   A tonic for the troops
David Bowie                      Ashes To Ashes                    Scary monsters
David Bowie                      Heroes                            Heroes
David Bowie                      Ziggy Stardust                    The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust And The Spiders From Mars
Boys                             Do The Contract Hustle            The Boys / Alternative chartbusters
Boys                             First Time                        The Boys / Alternative chartbusters
Kate Bush                        Hammer Horror                     Lionheart
Cherry Bombz                     Oil And Gasoline                  Hot girls in love
Cockney Rebel                    Psychomodo                        The psychomodo
Cockney Rebel                    Sling It!                         The psychomodo
Alice Cooper                     I'm Eighteen                      Love it to death
Alice Cooper                     School's Out                      School's out
Cult                             Lil' Devil                        Electric
Cure                             A Forest                          Seventeen seconds
Cure                             Prayers For Rain                  Disintegration
Cure                             So What                           Three imaginary boys
DAD                              D-Law                             Riskin' it all
DAD                              Sleeping My Day Away              No fuel left for the pilgrims
Jeff Dahl                        Anti-Social                       Wasted remains of a disturbing childhood
Jeff Dahl                        Goin' Down In Flames              All trashed up
Jeff Dahl                        Some Of Us                        All trashed up
Jeff Dahl                        The Last Summer                   French cough syrup
Joanna Dean                      Gimme Shelter                     Misbehavin'
Def Leppard                      Answer To The Master              On through the night
Def Leppard                      Billy's Got A Gun                 Pyromania
Def Leppard                      Bringin' On The Heartbreak        High 'n' dry
Demolition 23                    Hammersmith Palais                ???
Demon                            Night Of The Demon                Night of the demon
Diamond Dogs                     Weekend Monster                   Among the non believers
Dire Straits                     Sultans Of Swing                  Dire Straits
Dogs D'Amour                     How Come It Never Rains           In the Dynamite Jet Saloon
Dogs D'Amour                     Last Bandit                       In the Dynamite Jet Saloon
Dogs D'Amour                     Medicine Man                      In the Dynamite Jet Saloon
Dogs D'Amour                     Princess Valium                   Errol Flynn
Dogs D'Amour                     So Once Was I                     A graveyard of empty bottles
Dr. Feelgood                     Milk And Alcohol                  Private practice
Dwarves                          The Cruxification Is Now          The Dwarves are young and good looking
Roky Erickson                    Bloody Hammer                     Beauty and the beast
Roky Erickson                    Creature With The Atom Brain      Love to see you bleed
Extrabreit                       Polizisten                        Flieger, grüss' mir die Sonne
Falco                            Rock Me Amadeus (Salieri Mix)     Falco 3
Fastbacks                        In The Observatory                Answer the phone, dummy
Flamin Groovies                  Shake Some Action                 Groovies' greatest grooves
Flamin Groovies                  Slow Death                        Groovies' greatest grooves
Fools                            Mind Control                      Heavy mental
Gaza Strippers                   Throttle Bottom                   Laced candy
Generation X                     Dancing With Myself               Kiss me deadly
Girl                             Standard Romance                  Wasted youth
Gary Glitter                     I Didn't Know I Loved You         Rock and roll - Gary Glitter greatest hits
Godfathers                       Birth, School, Work, Death        Birth, school, work, death
Godfathers                       Cause I Said So                   Birth, school, work, death
Godfathers                       I'm Not Well                      Afterlife
Hangmen                          Loners, Junkies + Liquor Stores   Metallic I.O.U.
Hanoi Rocks                      11th Street Kids                  Bangkok shocks Saigon shakes
Richard Hell And The Voidoids    Blank Generation                  Blank generation
Hellacopters                     Venus In Furs                     Grande rock
Hollywood Teasze                 Born Unsolicited                  No flakes
Joan Jett                        I Love Rock'n'Roll                I love rock 'n roll
Judas Priest                     Love Bites                        Defenders of the faith
Judas Priest                     Turning Circles                   Point of entry
Kevin K Band                     Beggars Banquet                   Party down
Kevin K                          I Think We're Alone Now           Magic touch
Kiss                             Detroit Rock City                 Destroyer
Ace Frehley                      New York Groove                   Ace Frehley
Kiss                             Strutter '78                      Double platinum
Krokus                           Fire                              Metal rendez-vous
Legs Diamond                     Rock And Roll Man                 Legs Diamond
Udo Lindenberg                   Riki Masorati                     Panische Nächte
Long Ryders                      Gunslinger Man                    Two fisted tales
Lurkers                          Go Go Go                          Fulham fallout
Lurkers                          Little Ole Wine Drinker Me        Beggars Banquet singles collection
Lurkers                          Powerjive                         Powerjive / King of the mountain
Manfred Mann's Earthband         Father Of Day, Father Of Night    Solar fire
Members                          This Is The Sound Of The Suburbs  At the Chelsea Nightclub
Men                              Church Of Logic, Sin And Love     The Men
Menace                           I'm Civilized                     G.L.C. R.I.P. The best of Menace
Metallica                        For Whom The Bell Tolls           Ride the lightning
Mono Men                         Afterglow                         Sin + tonic
Motorhead                        Killed By Death                   No remorse
Motorhead                        Overkill                          Overkill
Mr. Ratboy                       Kiss N' Kill                      A gift from Mr. Ratboy
Mud                              Tiger Feet                        Let's have a party (the best of Mud)
New Model Army                   51st State                        The ghost of Cain
New York Dolls                   Pills                             New York Dolls
Nine Nine Nine                   Fun Thing                         The biggest prize in sports
Nomads                           Don't Pull My Strings             Big Sound 2000
Northern Pikes                   Place That's Insane               Secrets of the alibi
Nutrajet                         Up With The Lovely                Nutrajet EP
NY Loose                         Hide                              Year of the rat
Only Ones                        Another Girl, Another Planet      Special view
Peter And The Test Tube Babies   Spirit Of Keith Moon              Soberphobia
Phantom, Rocker + Slick          No Regrets                        Phantom, Rocker + Slick
Phantom, Rocker + Slick          Sidewalk Princess                 Cover girl
Piersons                         Pink Dress                        Humbucker
Johnny Kidd + The Pirates        Shakin' All Over                  The classic and rare
Iggy Pop                         Search And Destroy                Raw power
Pursuit Of Happiness             I'm An Adult Now                  Love junk
Suzi Quatro                      48 Crash                          Suzi Quatro
Suzi Quatro                      Can The Can                       Suzi Quatro
Suzi Quatro                      Daytona Demon                     The wild one - the greatest hits
Suzi Quatro                      Glycerine Queen                   Suzi Quatro
Rainmakers                       The Wages Of Sin                  Tornado
Dee Dee Ramone                   My Chico                          Zonked!
Ramones                          I Just Wanna Have Something To Do Road to ruin
Ramones                          I Wanna Be Sedated                Road to ruin
Ramones                          Pinhead                           Leave home
Ramones                          Rockaway Beach                    Rocket to Russia
Road Vultures                    More                              Ride
Rock City Angels                 Mary                              Young man's blues
Rolling Stones                   Gimme Shelter                     Let it bleed
Rolling Stones                   Some Girls                        Some girls
Runaways                         Little Sister                     Waitin' for the night
Sailor                           Glass Of Champagne                Trouble
Helen Schneider                  Crazy Lady                        Crazy lady
Scorpions                        Steam Rock Fever                  Best of Scorpions
Sex Pistols                      New York                          Never mind the bollocks
Sham 69                          If The Kids Are United            The first, the best and the last
Sisters Of Mercy                 Dominion/Mother Russia            Floodland
69 Eyes                          Ghettoway Car                     Savage garden
69 Eyes                          Next Stop Paradise                Wasting the dawn
Slave Raider                     Youngblood                        Take the world by storm
Slingbacks                       Autumn Teen Sound                 All pop, no star
Smack                            Good Morning Headache             On you
Smashed Gladys                   Legs Up                           Social intercourse
Social Distortion                Cold Feelings                     Somewhere between heaven and hell
Social Distortion                Dear Lover                        White light white heat white trash
Chris Spedding                   Guitar Jamboree                   Chris Spedding
Spliff                           Deja Vu                           85555
Standells                        Riot On Sunset Strip              The very best of The Standells
Status Quo                       Caroline                          Hello!
Status Quo                       Rockin' All Over The World        Rockin' all over the world
Status Quo                       Roll Over Lay Down                Hello!
Stranglers                       Hanging Around                    Rattus norvegicus
Stranglers                       No More Heroes                    No more heroes
Nikki Sudden                     Big Store                         Robespierre's velvet basement
Nikki Sudden                     Great Pharaoh                     Groove
Nikki Sudden                     Murder Valley                     Groove / Crown of thorns
Suede                            Animal Nitrate                    Animal nitrate
Supersuckers                     Hell City, Hell                   The greatest rock and roll band in the world
Sweet                            Action                            Strung up
Sweet                            The Six-Teens                     Desolation Boulevard
Sweet                            Wig Wam Bam                       Blockbusters
Andy Scott's Sweet               X-Ray Specs                       X-ray specs
T.Rex                            Ballrooms Of Mars                 The slider
Thin Lizzy                       The Holy War                      Thunder and lightning
Thin Lizzy                       Waiting For An Alibi              Black rose
Toten Hosen                      Carnival In Rio (Punk Was)        Learning English, lesson one
Toten Hosen                      Mehr Davon                        Ein kleines bisschen Horrorschau
Toy Dolls                        Nellie The Elephant               Dig that groove baby
Trust                            La Junte                          Marche ou creve
Tsar                             Kathy Fong Is The Bomb            Tsar
Tuff Darts                       (Your Love Is Like) Nuclear Waste Tuff Darts
Turbonegro                       Drenched In Blood (D.I.B.)        Scandinavian leather
Turbonegro                       Fuck The World (F.T.W.)           Scandinavian leather
Turbonegro                       Rock Against Ass                  Apocalypse dudes
Tygers Of Pan Tang               The Actor                         The cage
UFO                              Doctor Doctor                     Phenomenon
UK Subs                          Party In Paris                    Diminished responsibility
Van Halen                        Ain't Talkin' 'Bout Love          Van Halen
Van Halen                        And The Cradle Will Rock          Women and children first
69 Eyes + Andy McCoy             Vietnamese Baby                   Stranded in the doll's house
Vibrators                        Baby Baby                         Pure mania
Vibrators                        Disco In Mosco                    The power of money
Vibrators                        Every Day I Die A Little          The power of money
Weaklings                        It Ain't Gonna Happen Tonight     Just the way we like it
Webb Wilder                      Baby Please Don't Go              Doo dad
Webb Wilder                      Sitting Pretty                    Doo dad
Wrathchild                       Trash Queen                       Stakk attakk
Neil Young                       Rockin' In The Free World         Freedom
Frank Zappa                      Nanook Rubs It                    Apostrophe
Zeros                            Wimp                              Don't push me around
Warren Zevon                     Werewolves Of London              Excitable boy
Zodiac Mindwarp                  Driving On Holy Gasoline          Tattooed beat messiah
ZZ Top                           Dust My Broom                     Deguello
ZZ Top                           Tube Snake Boogie                 El loco


This is a rough, incomplete and ever changing list of some of my favorite songs. Obviously it is a totally arbitrary selection of both definite classics as well as flavors of the day. Often, too many songs of the same artist qualify and I took to just leaving out all but a few. If the album name is '???' I don't own that record but probably have the song on tape somewhere. If I don't have the album a song was originally released on a compilation or best of title in my collection may be referenced. My favorite songs are only marginally related to may favorite albums. A favorite song isn't necessarily on a favorite album and there is no point in listing all the individual songs of my favorite albums here.

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