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ARTIST                           ALBUM                             MEDIUM CTR YEAR LABEL             CATALOG NO.

Accept                           Restless and wild                   LP   GER 1982 Brain             0060.513 
Angel City                       Face to face                        LP   NL  1980 Epic              EPC 84253 
Angels                           Live at Narara                      VC   AUS 1988 Festival Records  83056 
Angel City                       Night attack                        LP   NL  1982 Epic              EPC 85480 
Backyard Babies                  Making enemies is good              CD   JAP 2001 BMG               BVCP-21192
Russ Ballard                     Barnet dogs                         LP   USA 1979 Epic              NJE 36186 
Russ Ballard                     Into the fire                       LP   USA 1980 Epic              NJE 36993
Beat Angels                      Red badge of discourage             CD   USA 1997 Epiphany          EP1018 
Beat Angels                      Unhappy hour                        CD   USA 1996 Epiphany          EP1009 
Circus Of Power                  Circus Of Power                     LP   USA 1988 RCA               8464-1-R 
Alice Cooper                     Billion dollar babies               LP   GER 1973 WB                56 013 (BS 2685)
Cult                             Electric                            LP   USA 1987 Sire              25555-1 
Cure                             Faith                               CD   USA 1981 Elektra           60783-2 
Cure                             Pornography                         CD   USA 1982 Elektra           60785-2 
D Generation                     D Generation                        CD   USA 1994 Chrysalis         D 106143
D.A.D                            No fuel left for the pilgrims       LP   GER 1989 WB                7599-25999-1 
Jeff Dahl                        French cough syrup                  CD   USA 1996 Triple X Records  51209-2
Def Leppard                      Pyromania                           LP   GER 1983 Vertigo           6359 119 
Dogs D'Amour                     A graveyard of empty bottles        10   UK  1989 China Records     839-074-0 
Dogs D'Amour                     In the Dynamite Jet Saloon          LP   USA 1988 China Records     422 837 368-1 
Donnas                           Get skintight                       CD   USA 1999 Lookout! Records  LK 225 
Fluffy                           Black eye                           CD   USA 1996 The Enclave       724385302022
Girlschool                       Hit and run                         LP   GER 1981 Bronze            203 556-320 
Gus                              Convicted!                          LP   USA 1980 Nemperor Records  NJZ 36502
Hangmen                          Metallic I.O.U.                     CD   USA 2000 Acetate Records   ATE 7008 
Hole                             Celebrity skin                      CD   USA 1998 Geffen            DGCD-25164
Hollywood Teasze                 No flakes                           CD   GER 1998 Loony Tunes Promo LG 003
Humpers                          Positively sick on 4th Street       CD   USA 1993 Sympathy For The  SFTRI 216 
Iron Maiden                      Iron Maiden                         LP   CAN 1980 Harvest           ST-12094 
Judas Priest                     British steel                       LP   NL  1980 CBS               32412
Kings Of The Sun                 Kings Of The Sun                    LP   GER 1988 RCA               PL86826 
Krokus                           Metal rendez-vous                   LP   CH  1980 Ariola            201 199-320 
Lurkers                          Wild times again                    LP   GER 1988 Weserlabel        WESERLABEL 2433
Motley Crue                      Too fast for love                   LP   GER 1982 Elektra           ELK K 52 425 (60174)
Motorcycle Boy                   Popsicle                            CD   USA 1991 Triple X Records  51093-2
Motorhead                        No remorse                          2LP  UK  1984 Pro Records       823 303-1
Nazareth                         No mean city                        MC   GER 1978 Vertigo           7164 548 
New York Dolls                   New York Dolls                      LP   USA 1973 Mercury           SRM-1-675 
999                              The biggest prize in sports         LP   USA 1980 Polydor           PD-1-6256
Pet Hate                         Bad publicity                       LP   UK  1984 Heavy Metal Recor HMR LP 23
Peter And The Test Tube Babies   Soberphobia                         CD   GER 1995 We Bite Records   WB 3-128-2
Phantom, Rocker + Slick          Phantom, Rocker + Slick             LP   NL  1985 EMI America       064-24 0430 1
Iggy Pop                         Instinct                            CD   GER 1988 A+M               395198-2
Iggy And The Stooges             Raw power                           LP   USA 1973 Columbia          PC 32111
Suzi Quatro                      Suzi Quatro                         LP   USA 1974 Bell Records      BELL 1302 
Rainmakers                       Rainmakers                          LP   NL  1986 Mercury           830 214-1 
Rainmakers                       Tornado                             LP   NL  1987 Mercury           832 795-1
Ramones                          Road to ruin                        LP   USA 1978 Sire              SRK 6063 
Ramones                          Rocket to Russia                    LP   GER 1977 Sire              SIR K 56 648 (SR 6042) 
Richmond Sluts                   The Richmond Sluts                  CD   USA 2001 Disaster Records  DSR 9006-2
Runaways                         Waitin' for the night               LP   GER 1977 Mercury           6338 844 
Sahara Hotnights                 Jennie bomb                         CD   SWE 2001 BMG Sweden/RCA    74321 86655 2
Sex Pistols                      Never mind the bollocks             CD   USA 1977 WB                3147-2 
Les Sheriff                      Pan!                                LP   FRA 1987 Gougnaf Mouvement GM 019
Smashed Gladys                   Social intercourse                  LP   USA 1988 Elektra           60776-1 
Social Distortion                Prison bound                        CD   USA 1988 Sticky Fingers Re 72251-2
Chris Spedding                   Hurt                                LP   UK  1977 RAK               SRAK 529 
Status Quo                       Live                                2CD  UK  1977 Vertigo           510 668-2 
Stranglers                       No more heroes                      LP   USA 1977 A+M               SP-4659
Sweet                            Desolation Boulevard                LP   USA 1975 Capitol           ST-11395 
T.Rex                            The slider                          LP   USA 1972 Reprise Records   MS 2095 
Thin Lizzy                       Black rose                          LP   USA 1979 WB                BSK 3338
Trust                            Marche ou creve                     CD   FRA 1981 Epic              EPC 473575 2
Turbonegro                       Apocalypse dudes                    CD   NOR 1998 Man's Ruin Record MA199CD
Turbonegro                       Scandinavian leather                CD   USA 2003 Burning Heart Rec 82031-2
Van Halen                        Women and children first            LP   GER 1980 WB/WEA            WB 56 793 (HS 3415)
Vibrators                        Pure mania                          LP   USA 1977 Columbia          JC 35038 
Warlock                          Triumph and agony                   LP   GER 1987 Vertigo           832 804-1 
Webb Wilder                      Doo dad                             CD   USA 1991 Zoo Entertainment 72445-11010-2
Zodiac Mindwarp And The Love Rea Tattooed beat messiah               LP   USA 1988 Vertigo           832 729-1 
ZZ Top                           Tres hombres                        LP   GER 1980 WEA Musik GmbH    WB 56 603 (BSK 3270) 


This is a list of favorite albums from my collection. They've been inducted in my personal hall of fame at various points over many years and even though I might feel differently about some of them now, I leave them in. Frankly, each time I look at this list I think I should delete some and add others but my absolute all-time favorites marked in bold print will be here forever.

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