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Below are my personal best saved shots and recorded games achieved with the DOS SVGA floppy disk version of Links 386 Pro from Access Software. The files are ZIP archives available for your downloading and replaying pleasure.

Golf tee I'm by no means a champion but I think that you'll find challenging rounds and exciting shots nonetheless. Frankly, I don't play golf in real life but Links 386 Pro has what it takes to make a great computer game. The cumulative player stats, ability to save and trade replays, realism and add-on courses give it an outstanding replay value - even today which proves that flashy graphics alone aren't everything.

Note that each file requires the corresponding course disk. Since the game has been superseded by newer releases, course disks are probably harder to find now. I've bought all the courses back then and I don't know about their legal or pirated availability. The purpose of this page is to provide personal replays, not any commercial part of the game or its courses.

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